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Saddleback College
On a demandé à un Writing Tutor...4 juin 2016

If a student becomes frustrated with you, what do you do?

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Clarify with them at which point they became confused.

Its okay lets talk about it


What two drugs are administered before 34 weeks of pregnancy to manage pre-eclamsia?

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Dexamethasone and Betamethasone

Dexamethasone, Betamethasone


Your salary expectations as per this role

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My salary expectations 3 lakhs /annum



What is your subject major?

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I majored in Business, Finance, and Statistics.


My Writing Skilss & Past Experience

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By giving some of my sample work links, which they found relevant.


What experience do you have in writing for online audiences?

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I described my previous work experience, linking it all back to the SEO tools I had used any my knowledge of cloud-based services. Moins

Capella University

Time management skills

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I wake up in the early morning for research, go to a day job, caregiver to mom, planned to assist with learners in the evening, and then post research before retiring for the evening. Moins

CITEC Confirm

“How do you plan to ensure that your focus is always on improving the customer experience?”

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learning and analyzing through my experiences and mistakes.


What does the title be empty cup mean?

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Be empty cup, being a mental health brand, explains that our mind is a like a cup which is filled with different thoughts. What we go through is what our cup(mind) is filled with) Moins


How can an evidence make a person believe in something and dismissed if there's no evidence?

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As human nature works, we often tend to believe in things that we've seen or heard of by own organs. It doesn't necessarily has to happen in terms of materialistic thing but can also be true in case of experiences. For example, While dealing with a tough phase in life, we are often told "everything happens for good". Whereas as the same moment, nothing seems to get better or be happening for any good. When I'm future, we realize the good behind some bad experience, we tend to believe that everything does happen for good. Moins

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