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Woods Bagot
On a demandé à un Architect...26 novembre 2013

What softwares do you use?

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Auto cad , 3dmax , Photoshop , Indesign , Google sketchup , lumion renderer , vary renderer and office desktop . Moins

AutoCAD, ArchiCAD Photoshop Artlantis Lumnion

Autocad, 3dmax, Google Sketchup.V-ray Renderer, Adobe Photoshop, Lumnion Renderer ,Revit, Archi-Cad, Ms office ,Ms word, Ms Excel , Ms Power point, Moins

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what is MVC.

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Just FYI , Factory pattern is a design pattern not an architectural pattern for whole game/application and when you say it's a complex architecture/pattern , i am sure it's complex from where you're standing with 7 year of experience . Apart from MVC, you can also try Event driven Architecture (NOT AS COMPLEX as object factory pattern). Good luck for future mate. Moins

Design Pattern -- " typo". And the "COMPLEX WORD" was for the other guy.

i guess the whole interview was about it and he was just talking about it for 90% of the time. forcing it into each and every question. i think he wanted a ui prorgammer for android. in return he wasn't able to understand complex game architecture for example object factory pattern. Moins

Fiona Environs

About my experience and proficiency in Revit.

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Office some 3d work for suchturul blinding

Mentioned about some of the past projects I have worked on BIM


No, specific interview questions as such (tells you how inefficient the process is) but mostly talking about your CV and past experience.

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Just talk about your past projects and

There were a few red flags throughout the recruitment process but I chose to accept the job and only focus on the positives. You live and learn Moins

I had a similar recent experience with "JLL London" There were red flags throughout the recruitment process but I chose to accept the job and only focus on the positives. You live and learn Moins

Samsung Electronics

Explain your projects

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I tried rooftop slushie mentioned above and it was pretty helpful. I recommend it. Moins

Really good lessons to get into top tech companies:



Can you run /drive the conference room pilots (CRP)?

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This is the term we use in Oracle Retail ERP implementation projects. Basically these are the continuous meeting sessions conducted over a period of many weeks. During these sessions, the business team and the ERP implentation partners discuss the current state of business, the business requirements and the ERP product chosen for implementation. Typically these meetings (CRPs) try to map the business process with the ERP product's base functionality and sometimes they even identify the some of the gaps as well at this stage. Moins

I have never run/driven the CRPs so far, but particpated many times. If I get the opportunity, I will not hesitate to run one. Moins

Pardon my lack of information. But, what is a conference room pilot?


Tell me about the decision you made that was wrong/right?

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Hi, I have recently found out that they ask very detailed information about current salary. Did they ask you the same during your hiring process? if so, did they seek any documents (like pay stubs or contacting your previous employer) to verify your answer? Thank you in advance. Moins

Thanks for the insight - can you talk more about face2face interview rounds? Any help would be highly appreciated mate. Moins

focus on the leadership principles and tell a story that tackles a number of them all at once. Moins


Suppose you had bank transaction data, and wanted to separate out likely fraudulent transactions. How would you approach it? Why might accuracy be a bad metric for evaluating success?

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What they were getting at here is that fraudulent bank data is has extremely imbalanced classes. If you were to train a supervised classifier on the data as you got it ( with no method of counteracting the class imbalances) then your classifier would predict probably 98-99% accuracy. Why? Because it only saw a few actual cases of fraud. So it learned to ALWAYS predict that the transaction was real. Then, if your test set has 99 real cases and 1 fake case, then it predicts all are real, and achieves 99% accuracy. This is bad. Thats what they were wanting to hear. Moins

There are traditional machine learning approaches and deep learning approaches. It can be treated as a classification problem (variations of decision trees, etc.) or a clustering problem, or an anomaly detection problem. Accuracy as a metric could be problematic because unbalanced data set. Moins

This can be solved using both supervised and un supervised method


Four people, (A, B, C, and D) need to get across a river, and there is only one boat. The boat can only hold two people at a time and will only go as fast as the slowest person in the boat. If it takes A one minute to cross, B two minutes, C five minutes, and D seven minutes, what is the shortest time for all 4 people to cross the river?

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14 minutes is the fastest time. A and B go first (2 min), then A comes back (3 min), next C and D goes (10 min), then B comes back (12 min), finally A and B go across again (14 min). The trick is hiding C's time within D. Moins

Well, Whar the above person means is, A+B go ---> 2 mins A comes back --> 1 min C+D go --> 7 mins B comes back --> 2 mins A+B go --> 2 mins. Total --> 14 mins B comes back because he has crossed the river and is on the other side and can come back. Moins

The other guy has got it wrong . When C and D go how come B comes back ? 1. D and A go . A comes back - = 7+1 = = 8 min 2. A and C go . A comes back = 5+1 = 6 min 3 A and B go . = 2 min Total time 16 min Moins

Hewlett Packard Enterprise | HPE

Why are you leaving your current job?

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New opportunities.

Because i moved

New opportunities, new experience, traveling is part of education so I want to explore in new environment Moins

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