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Canadian Network Installations
On a demandé à un Telecommunications Technician...26 août 2018

Do you know copper?

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Yes you?


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Bell Technical Solutions

What experience do you have in this field?

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Telephone line connected

No faild

Connection repair

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How do you test a down fiber circuit?

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Loopback test

is to inject a known level of light in one end and measure the level of light at the other end. Moins


Do you plan on staying long term

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The interviewer is asking if i have a experience in telecommunications

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I said i dont have a experience and this is my first job because im a fresh graduate. But im willing to learn,train, im always ready for what job will be given to me and also my sideline is computer technician Moins

Bayhealth Medical Center

What do I know about cabling.

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All cabling regardless of the nature is color coded, knowing them is what is need to do the job well. Moins

Tri Wire Engineering Solutions

Do you have experience with cable?

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Delaware State Police

What is your previous experience in the field of IT, and how can this experience be applied to our daily operation?

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I communicated my history in the field and explained that it was both relevant and applicable to a wide variety of applications, especially cutting edge technologies used by the division. Moins

Bell Canada

Interviewer gave me a peace of huge cable with 50 smaller and different colored cables inside, and asked to find a specific color pairs. All cables were twisted together and it was hard to find the correct one.

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It took time to sort through, but eventually I found the correct match

Trigyn Technologies

If I have work with a female in the field and how do I feel working with them

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Yes, Because I have worked with a female colleague in the central Africa Republic and was hard working and always willing to work Moins

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