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Wells Fargo
On a demandé à Teller...18 septembre 2017

If you were asked to withdraw 200,000 dollars out of an account, what would you do?

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Thank you for choosing Wells Fargo Bank and thank you so much for your patience with me. We appreciate you business... Let me see how I can help you... Then I would get approval from bank manager/ lead teller and respond in a professional manner. Moins

I will let the customer know the maximum amount allowed to be withdrawn and the procedure. Moins

Whether if it's a necessary fa imp work obviously dollars can be withdrawn...

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Wells Fargo

Most of the questions will be based on how you handle hard situations with other people. Also it will be important to mention how you work with other people. Keep in mind you will be interacting with people all day long.

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Do u pay good

I want 17.00 dollars a hour

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Wells Fargo

Whats a time you've overcome an obstacle? what did you learn?

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I love working around people I have been a Securtiy officer for a few month but looking for something closer Moins

Do my best

At my previous sales Job I had a hard time closing sales during tax season because everyone wanted to wait for their tax returns so I gave out more incentives to get a sale before a certain date, I also switched up my approached and widened my net by creating a large social media campaign that allowed me to reach more people and close a lot more sales that helped me surpass my sales quotas for the month. Moins

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Wells Fargo

Name a professional achievement. What did you learn about yourself?

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lol... notice of resignation to Hells Fargo ... is greatest achievement

lol dang and here i am searching to apply...

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Prosperity Bank

What is the thing that you will miss the most from your last job?

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The guests

It is very easy for me to talk to our guests.

Tellers job at $11.00

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Ridgewood Savings Bank

tell me about your self

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No tengo empleo buena vibra

Si pueden ayudarme perfecto

Mi nombre es Francisco Mercedes

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why do you want to join HDFC Bank

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I want to join HDFC, i want to enhance my personality. as i feel this bank gives maximum opportunities to its employees to groom thier personalities Moins

i would like to join this org . ,as this org . is well known as well as i could better future in this org. Moins

To make money and scale new heights for myself and the bank.

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Wells Fargo

Whens a time you've dealt with a difficult customer? How did you retain them?

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Applying there needs and followed threw what they wanted and doing it professional with manners Moins


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Metro Bank (US)

What is the wildest thing you have done

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Cocaine off a hookers breasts

Continually corrected a coworkers use of the apostrophe.

One of the questions I can't share the answer to, but if you seen the move "hangover" ... well I didn't find it funny. Moins

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J.P. Morgan

1. Let's role play, sell me a bank product..... 2. If im a customer and I declined what you are trying to sell me...

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Avoid yes/no questions. They leave customers with an easy way out. “Ok, I understand you’re busy. We can reach out and get you enrolled at a better time. What’s the best email/phone number to reach you at?” A question like this doesn’t have the easy way out of simply saying yes or no. Moins

Best answer would be: if someone is in a hurry or say they don’t have time, worse thing you can do is try to sell them something. You need to take a step back and see what is it that they might be looking for based on the individual and then try to sell them something relatable. I wouldn’t start off with, “would u like to enroll in...” bc customers most likely don’t know what it is and they’ll never enroll. Try by explaining what it is first and tell them how it might benefit them based on the individual or their account and start off there Moins

I think you did a great job. Another way to handle it would be (re 2) "I understand. I'd like for our personal banker to provide you with more information. When would be a good time for them to call you"? Then obtain phone number Moins

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