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On a demandé à un Terminal Controller...11 septembre 2019

A lot of our operations happen during Saturday night, would that be problem for you?

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If it does not happen every Saturday night , no it would not be. does happen every Saturday night

Saia LTL Freight

He really only asked me one question? Why do I want to work for this company?

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I applied for the same position and was called and asked if I was still interested and never heard back from them. Moins

I answered I felt I had background in this area and I could turn a profit on this terminal. I left knowing I did well but wasn't what he was looking for... I believed he wanted another trucker... Moins

NRX Logistics

intriguing and not fluffed with "what if" scenario based questions

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actually pretty nervous since i hadn't needed to interview in 20 years. always feel honesty is best regardless of how unqualified it makes you seem. better for a company to understand exactly were you stand on hiring date. after which you can wow them with knowledge gains Moins

Oak Harbor Freight Lines


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Was able to go through my entire freight experience and how it gave me the ability to place myself in position to succeed. Moins


Do you like to golf?

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Saia LTL Freight

What is your management style

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What are the requirements for the terminal manager position?

J. Grady Randolph

When can you start

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FedEx Freight

All are situational questions. The must be answered from own real life

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All are situational questions. The must be answered from own real life

Atlas Oil

How would I handle an employee calling in sick?

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With a blank stare and a response of "How often does said person call in? What's their background on said matter?" You can't really expect me to answer something like that without giving me information. Moins

Palogix Supply Chain Services

How do I dress at work? Really? Seemed overly concerned regarding my appearance rather than what I had to offer.

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Appropriately. I dress for my day.

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