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Virtu Financial
On a demandé à un Quantitative Trading Intern...30 septembre 2022

Make an unfair coin fair.


Tell us a time when you had to implement change, the challenges you faced & how you overcame them; Tell us about a time you were running multiples projects and how you managed competing deadlines; How do you deal with pressure?; How do you prioritize your workload?; What is your management style?

Kraft Heinz Company

Tell me about yourself? Give an example of where you had to analyse data ?


Why are you interested in joining NIO Why did you leave your previous employer and some project specific questions

Pundi X

How do you see crypto in ten years?


The technical interview was rather straightforward, with some puzzles that were easy and some recursive probability questions. The HR interview felt more like a casual conversation as compared to an interview.


Standard prob trick questions, a lot of market making for the 4th and 5th round technicals.


The first assignment was to do 80 basic equations in 8 minutes.


Why do you want to work for Sainsbury's?


Be able to take bets very quickly for one-sided video.

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