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The Sheffield College
On a demandé à un Training and Assessment Facilitator...31 octobre 2019

How would you motivate young people?

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Build rapport, made sure they understand why you are asking them to do what you are asking them to do, link to work. Moins

Build a good relationship between them, then makes the future more clearly, and displays the possible ways that are offered to them. Be focus on helping them to choose the correct way Moins

Young people are motivated to participate in sport for a variety of reasons. These include ego, pride, fear of failure, the challenge of competition, a desire and determination to succeed, the feeling of achievement from perfecting a skill and acknowledgement from peers, coaches and family. Research has shown that young people highly value the intrinsic rewards gained from participating in sport. Rewards such as the of learning a new skill, or merely being involved in sport with their friends, mean more for young athletes than the extrinsic rewards of receiving trophies or prizes. Moins

Premiere Response

Tell me about yourself

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Facilitator presentation

Any feedback on salary? Thanks!

Cybermedia Technologies

Give an example of how you resolved a conflict.

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I spoke of competing resources and working for both the requestor of resources, and representing the management side of the issue. Moins

Algonquin College

They asked for my experience with my clients and how I could add to the interaction with workshop participants - it was a great process.

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I explained several different client situations which helped them understand the variances of each particular case. It didn't feel like an interview, it was more of a collaborative conversation. Moins

PNC Financial Services Group

Give specific example of a situation you had to address when a co-worker would not do what you asked. How did you resolve the problem?

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Gave co-worker option of completing that task or other task, since both needed to be completed. Moins

Southeastern Community College (Iowa)

The most difficult part of the interview was doing an actual presentation. I was given a topic to prepare a ten minute workshop type presentation prior to the interview. Getting interaction in a panel interview is difficult.

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I facilitated until I received a response from a panel member, just as I would in a live workshop. Moins

Prarie Quest

Describe your experience with US Navy training and how it would benefit this position

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I simply described my experience as a Naval Flight Officer Instructor and how the current position is looking for those exact same skill sets, only from a contractor vice active duty Moins

Inverness Technologies

Tell us about yourself?

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I explained how my military background and skills were relevant to the position that I was applying for. Moins

Rainbow Design Services

How would you handle an employee who is having a difficult time learning?

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I would consult someone with more experience to apply to my scenario

GBX Consultants

Describe how you handle classroom conflict

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Reflected back on teaching experience

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