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Integra Marketing Agency
On a demandé à un Manager In Training (MIT)...13 août 2022

1. Tell me about yourself? 2. Why do you want to work with us ? 3. What do you expect from the organization ?

Cathay Pacific

How did you handle not getting along with a colleague?


How would you measure the success of your project


Tell me about a time I "did something related to the job description" and how did it go? Something that I succeeded in and something that I failed. Mostly generic questions.

Sunrise Services

Directing experience and if I am a NAC

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Yes, I have 10 years administrating and directing programs.


Why do you want this position?


Tell me about an experience where you had to deal with office politics.


What was one challenge you had to overcome?


Interviewer asked very basic questions and did not seem to understand the position that they were conducting the interview for at all. my impression was that they had very little healthcare experience.


Q: why do you want to work here? Q: what is your expected salary?

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