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The Investment Administration Solution
On a demandé à un Transfer Agent...12 septembre 2018

Tell me about yourself?

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1 to 1.5 minutes


Do I own any domain names??!?

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Uh, no!

State Street

Can you tell me what you understand about this role ? What would you like to join State Street ?

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I mentioned my previous experiences with AIB and outlined the languages skills .

The Investment Administration Solution

What do you know about our company?

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3rd party administration aka dealer back office

I Dial U

How would you handle an argumentative client on the phone? Are you willing to work at least 25 hours a week? How comfortable are you on the phone? Can you learn easy and take constructive criticism?

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Honestly, I have dealt with many argumentative client's and I always acknowledge that I understand and that I would stay on the phone with them till we figured out what was wrong and get some answers. Of course I am willing to work 25 hours a week not that hard it is part-time. I answered yes to taking constructive criticism, because I feel we cannot learn if we are not willing to take advice from pros. Moins

Digital Market Media

A single "what would you do" phone scenorio question.

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Show your knowledge. Be prepared for any phone or customer service question.

Bluegreen Vacations

How easily can you overcome objections?

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I can overcome objections really well. You are going to hear a lot of No's before you get that one yes. But the trick is to not allow the No's to stop you from chasing after that Yes. If a person is saying no, don't take it personal because they are saying no to the service (at the moment), not to you. Also, if you are hearing a lot of No's, it may be because you are not clearly showing the customers the value in the service/product you are selling. People will not buy into something they see no value in. It's our job to show our customers all the value our service can bring to them and their family. Moins

State Street

First basic staff: which subject have you studied in your degree, in your master etc Then more specific: what is a mutual fund, what is equity, fixed income, derivatives, what did you do in your previous job etc.

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No behavioural question?

International Fund Services

What would you do in a situation whereby a customer was not happy?

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I would try to calm the customer try diffuse the issue and then look for solution and escalate to supervisor or manager if necessary. Moins

Quantum 3 Media

If I could handle pressure as far as customers possibly saying cruel things or simply being hung up on

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Of course I wouldn't take it personal we don't know each other

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