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On a demandé à un Translator...27 février 2018

Do I speak some foreign language that I don't?

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Unfortunately, no.

Miha, yes they have called me back twice. First to ask if I could speak an additional language and then if I would accept a part-time position. They are not super responsive and communicative, don't worry yet. Moins

Ultimately I got an offer too. But yes they're quite slow. Did you accept?

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Interpreters unlimited

how is your previous job experience related to this position?

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I have plenty of experiences in the past 20 years working as an interpreter/ translator Moins

I have 5 years of interpreter/ translator experience with US army and some other companies in Afghanistan. Moins

Tasks; interpretation and translation for intelligence forces like ( US army, DEA and SIU ( sensitive investigation Unit) Moins

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Basically what you put in every resume.

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Every single experience, skill and ares of expertise detailled of one example.

Every single experience, skill and ares of expertise detailled of one example.

Lesson on topic Police commands in English Sub Topic Alfa Command on November 4, 2019 at afternoon class st Police Academy of Timor-Leste in Comoro rd 11. Moins

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My contact at FIFA informed me that I did not pass the written test.

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I then asked him if it was possible to have some feedback or see a "winning" test, so that I can compare with my own work. I have a huge XP in football translation (I have localized the EA SPORTS FIFA video game into FR for 10 years, translated press news for for many years during World Cups and other tournaments, translated a recent biography on a famous football player etc.) so I can say I am pretty comfortable with the football subject, to say the least. However, I do not pretend to be the best translator in the world either, so I'm totally open to critical assessement of my work. Yet the fact that my request for feedback was not answered by my contact at FIFA raised doubts into my mind. Those doubts should be put in relation with what I was told or heard about how FIFA works internally as far as recruitment is concerned - call it cronyism. So my advice to FIFA - or any organization - is: Please give some feedback from translation tests. We are ready to hear it. Do not let suspicion win the game ;) Moins

Bonjour, c'est sans doute un peu (très) tard, mais je travaille à la FIFA et j'ai sans doute vu votre test. Désolé du manque de communication (indépendant de notre volonté car c'est un prestataire externe qui s'occupe de communiquer avec les candidats...). Si ca vous intéresse toujours (on ne sait jamais), je peux me replonger dans les archives et vous donner plus d'informations. Moins

Bonjour et merci de votre réponse. Je veux bien un retour sur ce test, merci : )

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Vectone Mobile

Practically none. The only questions actually asked was "Can you start from tomorrow, because we really need someone for this job"

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They are so desperate they don't even interview haha

Be carful working there was like being in a very strict school. The room is set up like a class room and every desk faces the front where the CEO sits and watches like a head teacher. There is no talking allowed. No phones. No internet access. There are cameras watching youur screen. It pays well yes like 23-25k if you don't have any values or don't care about how work treat you. Join. Moins

I agreed

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Lear Corporation

For how many years have you worked before in this field?

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Are you a domicile of Maharashtra?

No I am from Karnataka But my morder their tongue is Marathi and I do speak fluent Marathi Moins



¿Podés adaptarte a los cambios que se dan de un momento a otro?

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Hola que tal? Hoy tuve mi primera entrevista en Beat y me comentaron lo del ejercicio. Me podrás indicar de que tipo es? Lógico? Matemático? Gracias! Moins

Siempre, soy muy adaptable

The first question was. What is your goal to join this post

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I said I want to make a better life for my self by serving for your company honestly and I will be paid from your company then I can solve my economic problems Moins

Thanks sir "I said I wanna get a better life for my self by serving for your company honour then really I will give my best efforts to get for your company Thank you I wait for your answer sincerely Moins


Can you translate mechanics ,electronics terms.

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Yes, I can.



They ask fairly straightforward vocabulary interpretation and the standard questions about interpreter protocol for example "Should you insert your own personal opinion when interpreting for a client?"

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Obviously the answer is no.


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