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Thomas J. Henry Law, PLLC
On a demandé à un Lead Trial Attorney IV...30 avril 2022

What would be your process in working up a typical case through trial?

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I discussed my standard practice - required disclosures, my typical discovery approach (he asked a few TRCP questions here), witness interviews and preparation (he wanted to talk more about depositions and my strategy with these) - I basically walked him through my case practice from start to finish. Moins

Starting from pre-litigation touching base with the client. Getting photos of injuries/ accidents from them. Getting them scheduled for their treatments. Trying to settle for policy limits pretrial or before trial. Deposing witnesses wherever required. Getting ready for trial side by side seeking best compensation for the date of loss. Moins

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Director asked me a hypo about if I was at a deposition off-site and something went wrong. Was one of those "there's no right answer" questions, but its good to keep your wits about you and answer intelligently.

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If the hypo gives us an opportunity to highlight an important to a point favorable to our case, then my witness would be under instructions to go ahead and address the hypo in a light that is favorable to our case. If it is a irrelevant, meaningless, who cares kind of hypo or one where there really is not good answer or not one good for our case, then the witness should answer something like, I'm not in or haven't been in that hypothetical situation, so I don't know. I don't know sitting here today how I would react in the moment if I were in that hypothetical situation. Moins

You SUSPEND the deposition, on the record, and state that it will be resumed at a convenient time once the problem requiring the suspension is resolved. Sometimes resolution will require a ruling by the Court. If the problem is not a complete bar to continuing the deposition, such as a participant's illness, you continue conducting the deposition as to all questions and issues that are not insurmountable. Moins

Progressive Insurance

What time keeping system are you familiar with?

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I am very familiar with time matters and I keep a very accurate calendar that is synced to my smartphone. All events, whether they be deadline dates or reminders, appear on my calendar. in addition, I make certain that my secretary and other staff counsel have access to my calendar at all times. Moins

US Department of Labor

Experience and interest, commitment to public service, specific skills, et cetera. Typical legal questions.

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Generally, with some references to specific cases.


Asked for familiarity with various software programs, i.e., Word Perfect, Powerpoint, MS Word

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Indicated I had worked with WP, but not for the past ten years. Answered that I used MS Word exclusively for the past 10 years. Answered that I very little experience with Powerpoint. Moins


How do you prioritize tasks? (paraphrased)

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"It depends..." (Which is the only correct answer by a lawyer)

US Department of Justice

Why had I left my firm.

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I had adopted a child and decided to take time with him and so consulting positions afforded me more flexibility. Moins

US Army

Why do you want the join the US Army?

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It's difficult to answer without sounding goofy. It completely broke down the facade of trying to "look" like a good candidate. I had to answer as myself. Moins

Zinda Law Group

Salary expectations

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Market value

Zinda Law Group

Why do you want to do personal injury law

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Have experience, enjoying helping people.

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