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BNY Mellon
On a demandé à un Corporate Trust Administrator...3 juin 2012

why you ant to work here

1 réponses

said i needed a job

Deutsche Bank

Do you like the financial industry?

1 réponses

Well it depends on the sector that I'm in.


Tell me about myself.

1 réponses

I did summarized of my careers and highlighted the most recent career. and Explained what was my the most accomplishment. I felt like I was telling them to long however, i think it's good to give them more insight of you. Moins

Bank of America

How do you deal with an irate client?

1 réponses

Address the client's concerns and try to find a solution to what is upsetting them Moins

BNY Mellon

where do you see yourself in five years. hate that one

1 réponses

24,000 per annum in 2007

BNY Mellon

Calculate an interest payment on a bond.

1 réponses

Not a difficult question, nor is it critical.

BNY Mellon

What is the function of Corporate Trust?

1 réponses

Trustee. Fiduciary replatuion ship with institutional investors.

Wells Fargo

Why do you want to work here?

1 réponses

No more billable hours

Why are you qualified?

1 réponses

I have great interpersonal skills.

Raymond James Financial

Name a time you had to overcome a difficult situation.

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What do you know about the company?

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