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Entretiens d'embauche chez Capital One à Tysons /  Siège social: Mc Lean, VA

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Entretiens d'embauche chez Deloitte à Tysons /  Siège social: New York, NY

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There are 4 people going through a bridge. One takes 5-min, one takes 1-min, one takes 2-min, and one takes 10-min. And only two people can go through once. Question: what is the shortest time that 4 people cross the bridge?

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Its a common puzzle but your question is incomplete. the two people can only cross the bridge by using a torch. So one guy will always hold the torch. Solution: first 10 & 1 will go and then 1 will return back. - total time = 10+1 = 11 mins then 1 & 5 will go and 1 will return back - total time = 5+1 = 6 mins then 1&2 will go = total time = 2mins total time = 19 mins !!

Correct answer is 17. -> 2+1 :2 10+5 :10 1+2 :2

if no pass, then 12 mins, if someone can pass through another, then 10 mins.

Rotary phone number to possible words question.

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Basic algorithms, graphs, arrays, searches, sorts, etc.

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How would you add two numbers that are strings together?

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Do you think you could handle managing a team of employees within a year? If so, why do you think we should pick you for the job?

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How to select the heavier one from 8 oranges using a balancer just twice?

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Asked me a DP problem. With interviewer's hint I came up with the solution

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Role play of an upset customer. I played the teller and the service manager played the customer.

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Asked about development experience, and aptitude to use notepad instead of dream-weaver for web design/development. I answered truthfully, and was seen as a compatible employee based on my aptitude to learn, and my degree field

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What is your goal in the industry?

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