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Textron Systems
On a demandé à un Tier III UAV Instructor Pilot II...6 janvier 2021

Have you looked into any other subsidiaries that are owned by Textron?

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I have not.



Drone Delivery Canada

On-site job comfortability and relocation

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Completely okay, No problem.


We work hard here and we work as a team, what kind of hours are you used to working and are you willing to put in extra when we need it?

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Yes, Absolutely. That’s normal for me.

How much are you looking for per year. Do you mind traveling.

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I told them that I did not mind traveling.

my piloting experience in multicopters


How would you work within a team?

Northrop Grumman

TMAAT you disagreed with a coworker....

Aerodyne Group

What is your best specialty?

Cyberhawk Innovations

-What do you do in your free time?

Nothing, that's the problem unless you count basic questions like how long you been with your current company or why do you want to leave your current company. No job related or experience related questions that actually matter.

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