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On a demandé à un Urban Designer...4 novembre 2021

what is the most impressive project that you have done and why?

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I selected a project that I have done in Turkey and describe how I communicate and draw out the idea. Moins

I designe T-shirt for companys

CBT Architects

why do you want to work in Boston?

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It’s the city of knowledge, and it’s so diverse that I think is an awesome opportunity to know about worldwide developments all together in one city that’s growing in a sustainable way Moins

NYC Planning

They asked me why I wanted to join their department

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I answered that after completing my Masters in Urban planning I wanted to have hands on experience in the government sector Moins

CBT Architects

which were your fav courses?

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I couldn’t choose one specific but the experience in the masters was impressive, I got to understand about the materials, how the plants interact with the building providing benefits or affecting it, how the sun impacts the spaces, and how important is to generate a comunal integration to get better results Moins

City of Long Beach

What is your long term goal

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To be a city planner and give back to low income commmunities.


What have you exactly done in this project?

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I pointed out the involvement and the outcome


- Can you explain the best work in your portfolio. -Sustainability is very important so use projects that reflect their values

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I was offered an internship due to lack of experience as a student.


Why did you apply for this position?

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I work this position almost 16years

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

Are you okay with a management rather than design role?

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Yes, I am looking to move into management.

CBT Architects

when is your availability?

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