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On a demandé à un Test Automation Using Selenium...22 juin 2015

Which CI tool did you use? Which patterns did you follow? What is stale reference element error?

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We have used Jenkins as CI tool and explained how it helped our project. We have used POI for Excel file handling. Moins

1I use Jenkins CI as build integration tool that runs on latest tomcat server 8. I run the selenium tests through command line .All tests are under xml file and that gets complied with java compiler with the help of command prompt.As soon as build gets fired up tests run automatically with the html report that will have screenshots of failed tests if it fail. 2. stale reference element error: this is something that stops the test flow when element is not found in the cache or in DOM .In order to get rid of it we can go with below work around: a. Try to reidentify the element on which errors come up and then perform click operations. Moins

How’s your day going today?

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It’s going well just trying to stay up


Tell us about your past work experience

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20 plus years in municipal Regulatory Environments including, Land Use Planner, Development & Planning Officer, and Compliance Officer. Moins


Very good overall; phone screens, met with manager in person, quick HR call, all good. Set start date. Started. 4 years all good.

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Very good overall; phone screens, met with manager in person, quick HR call, all good. Set start date. Started. 4 years all good. Moins


Ruby basic and advance concept Cucumber Challenges I faced during my work

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TDS Telecommunications

What would you say to another employee who told you they hated HR?

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Don't say anything to that employee

The Larson Group

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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I said still working for this company. I should have said fired by this company because the person that hired me was going to drive me out of the store by harassing me everyday and placing a use urinal pad for the mens bathroom on my desk. Moins

Altus Group

What was your last job?

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Tell me about our experience with Sales and Use Tax?


Asked for 'you and your story'

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Described my coming to the field and progressive work responsibilities over time. Moins


Asked about their products.

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Had worked with one, tangentially experienced another.

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