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On a demandé à un QA Engineer ( Automation Using Ruby )...9 avril 2015

Ruby basic and advance concept Cucumber Challenges I faced during my work

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Given a Jupyter notebook with code to load a classifier and images, there is a bug on inference. Find it and explain.

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The team wanted to know how I approach the problem, what I look at and drill down. Is the bug in the code, the data, the pre-processing, etc? A quite fun exercise. I solved it, but did not excel at it. Moins

Magic Leap

Why do you want to work at Magic Leap

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There's quite an extended back and forth in actual interviews for questions like this, so nothing quite like real practice. The Prepfully Magic Leap Usability Engineer experts have actually worked in this role, so they're able to do an honest-to-God accurate mock, which really puts you through the paces. Moins


Given some ML-related source file, explain it. What does it do? How does it fit a project?

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The file was Python code with a flat structure and function dependencies, with common conventions. By breaking the file down, it is relatively easy to understand many intents and part of the usage context. Moins


What my experience and skills were.

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Share those experiences and skill appropriate to the job being discussed.


Why do you want to work for SAIC?

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It's a very reputable company with a track record of excellent contracts with the government. Also, SAIC had an opening in my career field. Moins


Wie würden Sie in Situation XY vorgehen?


How to deal with limited amount of training data?

Capgemini Engineering

Wo sehen Sie sich in den nächsten 5 Jahren?


Kennen Sie Normen aus diesem Fachbereich?

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