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On a demandé à un Lead User Experience Designer...2 août 2013

Aside from the CEO asking why they would ever hire someone from a company they've never heard of.... "Are you more of a graphic designer or user experience designer...because we can't figure out what we need and no one here seems to understand the difference."

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The CEO is definitely a piece of work. Arrogant people seem to think that they know everything. If you let them, they can really get on your nerves. Assuming you already know you don't want to work for this company, you should have told him this: "That's a stupid question. Do you have a better one?" And then you walk away and let them know that it was all a mistake. Moins

CEO was rude an unprofessional.

I should have asked which would pay better.


The design exercise is more like a design project. while they keep telling you not to spend more than 8 hours on it, they evaluate it like you should have spent 40 hours on it. While I sat through the 3rd interview all I could think about was them saying the week before "don't spend too much time on this because we will know if it looks like you spent more than 8 hours". They end the second interview with you leading a brainstorming session about the design exercise, which is a ping pong "hookup" app for internal office team ("think Grindr for office ping pong play" - that's how it was put in context to me. wow now that's appropriate content for an interview....) I was a definite finalist, and as usual it probably came down to splitting hairs at the end to decide on the candidate, but their process was not what I expected. I can understand pivotal meeting me and using the time to discuss the hand off of the style guide to the new in house designer and exit strategy details but this was like no other process I have ever experienced in 15 years of designing user experiences. Had I known Pivotal would be conducting all the interviewing I would not have perused this role. I wanted to work for Euclid, not Pivotal. The process of Pivotal running the entire interview process makes you feel detached from the actual team you will be working with allowing a third party that will be completely removed from any consequences of their decision not to mention its in their best interest to keep the process going as long as they can. Also, any issues that come up after a designer is hired, Pivotal will be called in once again to "fix" or assist in getting things "back on track". This was just too full of conflicts of interest for it to be objective let alone fair. I had a fair amount of respect for Pivotal Labs prior to this experience but after seeing the quality of some of their consultants I would look to another consulting firm if I needed outside UX consulting. Their questions sometimes lacked logic and completely contradicted the parameters they had set forth for the exercise a mere 4 days earlier. One examples what during Int#2 after i had brainstormed about the process of the app and how i would go about it, they then said ok, don't complicate this, keep this simple, your on the right track. Then during Int#3, they start critiquing it because it does not have enough features and too simple!?!? Or "seems like you could have added some more ways of communication to potential ping pong players...." I was like uhhh well ...sure i could have but just last week you said not to do that". I think a decision had been made before I even went into interview 3. They critique was so scattered and subjective.the ultimate contradiction "Do that. Don't do that". My solution was solid and provided much more non-intrusive communication between ping pong players at work. Never mind the fact that your at work, should you really be playing ping pong? It seemed like whatever i did I wasn't going to win the "Pivots" over and that's sad because the actual team I would be working with I liked a lot and had very good connections and face time whit them as limited as that was during this process.

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There is no correct answer where the objective is vague, changes at their desire and the judges have it in their best interest for you to fail. Moins

I think what they were trying to grasp is how well you handled shifting goal posts. Moins


Context: Design an App for a guy travelling through Heathrow Airport. He needs alcohol, food and some souvenirs. Questions post Design test: A: What is so different? B : What is so different from Zomato and Swiggy? C: Why I can't use google maps?

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A: We don't need to reinvent the wheel every time for the sake of being innovative. There are no cars with triangle tyres. similarly the workflows for food ordering are refined though certain information can be really helpful for users. i.e. Distance from gate , departure time etc. B. You can't use swiggy or zomato within Heathrow airport . The same way when you go to Eurpoe you don't open indian railways app. but for some reason interviewer did not agree with me. C. Yes definitely user can use them. Like every product there are always going to be competitors, sometimes one , sometimes many trying to do the same thing or solving our users problem differently. That doesn't mean the product can not exist. If people stopped building features just because some other companies has it the word would be completely monopolistic. Moins

I also interviewed for the same position and got the same questions. One of the answers I gave was this app can be used very contextually as in luggage handling etc, However I agree about the rest they have a very unrealistic idea on what an assignment is vs an actual app and compared mine with Google Maps app. I had to facepalm. Moins

Technology Resource Group (CA)

How to remove a text box out of 5 boxes arranged in loop (Parent Box to Child box) with the help of Javascript?

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with the help of addClass and removeClass function using (this)

New Work SE

"Design challenge" exercise

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Please see review above


Tell us about a challenging project

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I described a project that was challenging and what did I learn from it and how I applied my learning in following projects. Moins


Usual UX questions like Taskflow, branding, Sitemaps, Card Sorting, Use Cases, Persona, User Centric etc..

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Very well. Also shared my on project situations, process and experiences with them. Moins

Artefact Group

In phone screen: describe the research questions, methodologies and outcomes of a couple projects.

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This being a half hour screen, I provided a cursory review that highlighted the scope of work and the involvement of the development team. Moins


The interviewer seemed annoyed with any of my suggestions and what this told me is this is a place that has unrealistic expectations. Certain research methodologies like card sorting and story mapping seemed to go over her head because she asked no follow up or did not allow me to show a visual.

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I gave many examples and methods to use in discovery workshops to understand the audience and the feature sets the client is trying to build for their platform. Each day you learn about the client and their audience you can come back with more targeted questions. I have been building user experiences and conducting research for 16 years and as a manager, it is key to control the expectation otherwise it has a negative impact on your brand as an agency. She seemed defensive when I mentioned controlling expectations but she really could not defend anything that is already part of the work culture there. There were questions about startups who do not have much documentation to start and a workshop to gather requirements in just a few days. Moins


How would you greet a customer

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This was actually a question they asked in a test

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