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On a demandé à un User Interface Designer...13 mai 2010

What is your experience with presenting to a group of people?

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I find that sometimes you have to shout, especially if it is windy or noisy, and sometimes you have to hit people to get their attention, so bring a long thin stick with you. Moins

Another dumb question designed for them to see your reaction. These are stress-interview style questions. You could answer "Well, I used to be able to see out of both eyes and I didn't have that limp I got now...." Moins

Why would you switch job? What are your priorities?

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Job satisfaction, Financial Problem


Asked to complete a design test

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sketch out wireframes


There were questions about my understanding of Web accessibility.

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There are differing standards bodies with differing opinions. I simply stated that accessibility in Web design is a process of understanding the users and their abilities. There are certain baseline standards that all user can benefit from as well as advanced accessibility options as defined in WAI RIA specifications that should be considered as necessary depending on user needs. Moins


How do you approach accesibility?

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Optimizing product so that it is accessible to every users regardless of disabilities (e.g hearing impairment, vision problems, unable to use mouse.) Moins

In what resolution would you design for an iPad

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landscape mode 1024 * 768

FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

If someone driving a Jeep gets a flat tire what does that look like?

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An alert system on there dash should alert them that they have low PSI. That alert could sync up with a Jeep mobile app on there phone and create log or note for the vehicles required maintenance. If the tire needed more than a refill and the drive needed a tow truck, the Jeep app could supply them with multiple resources for towing and tire repair. which ever the driver choose, would again be logged in the app for any potential future reference. (I sketched story boards for this scenario, and also provided interface designs for the theorized or fictitious Jeep mobile application I was referencing) Moins

HealthPlan Services

Are you willing to do repetitive work ?

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Can you talk about yourself?

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I shared a summery of my experience in terms of education and professional.

Did I work well in a team

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