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Red Bull
On a demandé à un UX Design Lead...20 avril 2022

Online assessment, scenario based. The link was shared with a deadline to finish it.

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Online assessment link which I think they are using for their own R&D and really may not have any interest to take the interview. No results shared, no communication and no further interview. No response to any emails. Moins

Asana Rebel

Most interesting discussion in the interview was the question of validating quantitative data with qualitative user research.

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By asking "why" :))


HTML, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript, JQuery and Angular 2+

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I was able to provide the answers which has been asked so far and was able to impress the interviewer. Moins


What is your one of the KPIs would you implement in your design?

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One I would like to implement is "accessibility". Only a small number of companies have taken this into account. Moins

Gameberry Labs

Do you prefer leading a team or working as an individual contributor?

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I have experience in both but it depends on the project itself.


Please tell me a little bit about yourself.

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Walked through past and current position, accomplishments and responsibilities.


Mostly related to product management. Importance of design in business Your design process and hand-off

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Just explain your design process as it is. It's okay and process followed at every org is different. Moins

RevaComm, Inc.

I don't remember. But it was pretty casual.


Why would you want to work at TiVo?


Never get the chance to schedule an interview

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