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On a demandé à Creative & UX Director...27 octobre 2020

The Design process and how to deal with clients if they are not agreeing with the design. Typical agency stuff.

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I use Design Thinking methods to solve problems


When are you available to meet the hiring manager

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Provided a half dozen times to meet

HolidayCheck Group

Wie würden Sie Situationen mit Ihren Teammitgliedern handhaben, wenn diese keine Leistung zeigen?

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discussions, help to improve and finally - if nothing else helps - resignment

Embark Veterinary

Name seven qualities that describe you?

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I came prepared with three qualities but then had to think on my feet for the other 5 Moins


«  je suis l’armée de terre je souhaite effectuer une transformation digitale pour mes soldats, quelles questions me poserais tu si tu devais en poser que 5? tu as 5 min «  «  vu ton profil pourquoi chef de projet et non pas designer ? «  « je suis un client mécontent d’un retour de livrables qu’est ce que tu fais ? «  « on a établi un contrat et le client revient avec des demandes supplémentaires comment fais tu ? ... et si le budget est atteint? «


How have you handled situations where you need to up-skill junior designers quickly? How have you handled challenging/demanding clients?

What is your leadership style?


Your relevant experience for the role. Your cultural fit (very adamant about this). Your leadership style. ...


How would you build a product for a Electric Company that has a black out period.


Standard interview questions are used. If a most difficult question must be used, it was the proverbial , "Tell me a little about yourself." This question is broad. Ask a prospective employee what you want to know within legal limits of the interview process.

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