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On a demandé à un UX Manager...17 avril 2023

Why are you interested in this position?

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Collaboration, research oriented organization.

Bray Leino Group

How do I plan to advocate UX and improve the overall know-how of the company's employees?

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I plan to conduct ongoing biweekly workshops for various operational unit in the company to help them gain better understanding of the topic and the industry. Through this, I also plan to encourage other team leads and seniors to conduct brownbags to share their experiences and skillsets. Moins

Ace Hardware

Walk me through a case study in your portfolio of your choice.

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I showed them the case study. All very professional.

Visible Alpha

Towards the end, one of the questions that I was asked was, “What if there’s someone that doesn’t want to connect or work with you?” To which I asked, “Is this a common occurrence at Visible Alpha.” They didn’t answer. Instead they just repeated the question.

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I responded that “It’s important to keep it professional. While finding opportunities or openings where potential inroads could be built for at least a shared understanding.” Moins


Procesos o casos en los que hayas innovado dentro de tu trabajo.

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Creación de nuevos canales y formatos de comunicación y contenido.

Volvo Cars

Is it a touchscreen behind the steering wheel?

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No, displays behind steering wheel are never touched for safety reasons. Comment: I wonder if she had the intention to put a touchscreen behind a steering wheel!? Moins

Volvo Cars

Are these cars concepts ?

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No they are not. Comment: Despite the fact I gave her an overview of the car that I worked on, it looks like she was not actively listening and was just interesting by the designs. Also it looks like she has a very poor automotive culture as anyone a little bit interested in cars would have known that my project has been produced and are not concepts Moins


- They will ask a lot of questions on UX - They will ask questions on processes - They will ask for a project submission - They are kind and will allow you to express yourself.

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- By making a project on a topic close to my heart so that I could bring my passion and show a lot of creativity. Moins


Tell me about your research that is relevant to ux research. Tell me about your research that is relevant to ux research. Walk me through your resume. Tell about yourself that was working under the pressure.

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I tried my best to answer the questions.


Describe a skill you would bring most to the role.

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Technical ability and go into detail.

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