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On a demandé à un UI-UX Designer...2 février 2017

Tell us why we should NOT hire you?

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If you want to loose out on a great team meme we you should not hire me 😃

If your workplace ethics is very toxic, you can do me a great favor by not hiring me. This is because I don't function well in an environment where I couldn't walk up to a colleague asking for suggestions and feedback about my designs. Moins

Thats upto you to find out :D

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Can you take these images and re-create this specific look in Sketch app? We need 3 different versions.

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Same here. But the worse thing is that I decided to make these websites and I managed to deliver a very nice looking websites and they contacted me two days later. Asked me to join to Telegram app to have a chat. Then pasted in long text (with other name not mine and then edited) where they said as a fact that I will need to do trial work so I can see how everything is fhere, colleagues etc. Once I told that this is not ok, they startet to scream at me and disconnected feom the chat. Is this something normal??? How they even still do business? Moins

Nope! Not without a contract or pay.

I was also given a task, which I did and which took me 2 days to finish. And I did not receive any feedback, not even a thank you. RED FLAG!!!!!! Moins

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if your design is not liked, what will do?

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i put it into the dustbin but before that. i ask some question to the person who will reject it. 1 why your reject the design 2 what is the reason Moins

But there could be another to reject, maybe I was not very clear about the project requirement, project goal. Moins

Will ask question What is the reason to reject it

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Cardinal Health

What's your availability for next week?

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Available today

Ready to work immediately!

I’m ready to work and join the team and be a tremendous asset!


Draw UI design of a consultating app for doctors

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I did sketch on paper then later digitalised it




How do you compare two designs?

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Described A/B method and focus group study to great detail!

As a Designer I would analyze the basic design principles and close does the two design match as per the latest trends. Moins

which one meet the customer need and satisfactory level


To redesign their app and find usability issues.

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I made mockups and did wireframing

Apply the heuristic evaluation and usability testing


What is turnover of the company?

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US$ 36 Billion

40Million USD (very close!)

Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India

What kind of role do you prefer like lead or individual contributor?

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I would like to lead as I can help guide and bring out equal contribution and a stand out quality from each person to the output and creation of anything. Moins

I said, am OK with both role. But I prefer Individual contributor, because without any pressure I can focus on project. Moins


Explain your Design process & present some of your best works

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Already did that’s why am here in the interview

Did as I learnt!

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