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Coastal Sunbelt Produce
On a demandé à un Value Stream Manager...21 juillet 2016

Do I have any knowledge of LEAN manufacturing?

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That I had a basic understanding of TAKT time and how to make production flow more efficiently. Moins

The Carlstar Group

Why did you leave your Previous Company?

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Career Opportunity. New Plant Manager and Senior Production Manager and the leadership philosophy of the plant changed. Moins


Behavioral type questions asked. What was your biggest accomplishment.

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I just answered with cross training employees.

Crane Aerospace & Electronics

What is your biggest weakness and/or area of improvement that you need?

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Just don't say I don't have one. If you do, you just cost yourself the job.


What was my management style? What hours would I be available? My experience in a manufacturing facility.

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I answered honestly to the best of my ability

Parker Hannifin

What are your hobbies?

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Told my hobbies.


Previous performance rate. Actual experience dealing with specific issues

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Providing real cases with data.

Collins Aerospace

Describe your leadership style and how will you apply in the position at Collins Aerospace?

Crane Aerospace & Electronics

Who influenced you in college and what was your hardest experience there?

Johnson & Johnson

No set questions, very shoot from the hip style.

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