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On a demandé à un Van Driver...24 août 2019

Can I use and read the GPS maps

2 réponses

I responded that I have excellent experience in reading and understanding the GPS system Moins

Yes like to be a van driver need a job been unemployed for a year now collecting I hate this. Moins

What are your strength and weakness?

1 réponses

I was not able to answer the weakness question.

RailCrew Xpress

Do you want to join the Union? Again the glassdoor site wants 50 words or more on the questions asked when there were no questions and only a video with attorney status quo disclosure of confidential information release forms to sign. All I saw was the signature page on the tablet and no explanations of the forms proceeding the signature pages. Only question I remember is "Do you want to join the drivers Union"?

1 réponses

Not interested in Union.

University of New Haven

Do you do well with all types of personalities. Can you resolve conflicts. Are you a people person.

1 réponses

Yes on all

US Foods

Are you okay with working weekends and holidays

1 réponses

Describe a time when you encountered a hazardous situation at work, what was it and what did you do? Moins


Do you have reliable transportation?

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You will be having to drive to Green Gay, WI unless you enjoy greyhound bus rides ( which they will provide you to get to the facility). You also may be driving up to 100+ miles to meet your trainer depending where he is at. Moins

UK Express Delivery

Hurry up?

1 réponses

I had no choice

Acute Medical Services

Why do you want to work for us?

1 réponses

I need money

Heartland Ambulance Service

When can you start and how open is your schedule

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Be honest. Say that same day and any time which they will literally use any time from 3:45 am to whenever Moins


what was my driving record and could i get to work on time.

1 réponses

have good driving record and not missed a day of work in last 4 years.

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