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On a demandé à un Venture Capital...2 août 2019

What would you do with a free weekend?

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CUNA Mutual

Why CUNA Mutual?

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Make sure you say something about interest in credit unions

British Business Bank

A lot of open questions on personality and experience.

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I had done a few small internships but was more about personality and being someone they want to sit next to in the office and making sure can execute the essential tasks for the job. Moins

What are some concerns you have with this company?

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I am concerned with the financial position of this company and their leverage.


What do you think about artificial intelligence?

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Which industries to invest?


Tell me about your projects done in college.

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Just introduce my project to them clearly.

Tell me about a time you showed leadership?

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Explained a time working on a project and took a leadership role

Q: Who are some entrepreneurs you admire?

Rocket Internet

Name a pre-seed company that you would invest in.

Anthos Capital

Tell me something surprising about you

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