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Oaktree Capital Management
On a demandé à un Vice President Client Services...20 mars 2017

Case study of operational issue

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I was given 1 hour to develop presentation and analysis of case.

Hi There, Would love to hear more about this interview if you have a moment.


Simple math and logic questions

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Depends how many hrs. you want me to spend on it?

Campaign Headquarters

If you were given 10 varying tasks at once how would you set out to complete them?

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I would to the best of my ability, attempt to accomplish the tasks based upon the order of the priority they have in relation to the company's overall objectives. Moins


What was your favorite campaign that you worked on.

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Strategy re-definement where organization moved from being a durables manufacturer into the retail market. Moins


Tell me about the number of people you managed at each of your previous companies.


no difficult or unexpected questions


Was only a preliminary call.


Nothing out of the ordinary - we were focused on the industry and commonalities

sparks & honey

What is a current problem your client is facing and how did you fix it?


Typical behavioural interview plus online culture leadership fit test

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