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Williams-Sonoma, Inc.
On a demandé à un VP-Finance...23 mars 2014

Nothing was difficult but the CFO seemed to try to find negativity to discuss. And, she didn't seem to care that I had visited stores including their smallest concept. This was very off-putting. However, they did keep on time throughout the process.

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I believe that they made an offer for this position but I don't know for sure. Given what I learned from the interview process and my contacts, I can't say that I'm sorry that I didn't get an offer. Moins

Williams sonoma Sucks

Yup it really sucks. I use to work in finance there and hated it.


What nationality are you?

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I'm [Asian]


Crossover for Work

In a pattern of squares, circles, and triangles, pick the answer to completed the pattern where the question mark is.

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If you need help passing the CCAT (hardest part of the process in my opinion) I passed it by studying ruthlessly. I found this site that has EXACTLY the SAME CCAT as crossovers and just took that a bunch of times. CROSSOVERCCAT(dot)COM I recommend this for anyone that has the proctored CCAT coming up. It is the SAME test as CROSSOVER for WORK I woulden’t have been able to pass without it! Moins

I used the same site as the guy above me crossoverccat it helped immensly, im pretty sure its considered cheating but whatever the questions dont have any real life work impact anyway Moins

How would you finance an NPA asset.?

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Explained the mechanics of restructure proposals and rehabilitation process.

Ecclestone Organization ( FL)

Simple straight forward question and answer of your capabilities and experience. Can you prepare financial statements, projections, do taxes, etc.

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Yes or no with examples

Bank of America Merchant Services

Name three of your strengths

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Thought leadership, business acumen, and process oriented

Cannot disclose without giving away my identity.

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Comment he made to me would likely reveal my identify. His comment was rude, negative and sexual in nature. Moins


General questions about the previous experience.

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Mentioned real-life scenarios that I had worked on and how I dealt with it.

American Automobile Association (AAA)

Tell me about yourself and your professional jorney.

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I went through my resume since college.

Nestlé USA

You haven't done accounting.

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I have 20 years of finance and accounting experience in financial reporting and financial planning and analysis. I was part of the closing in every job. I haven't done journal entries in awhile if that is what you mean. Moins

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