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On a demandé à un Vice President of Sales - United Kingdom...19 octobre 2013

Do I have children. I didn't think it made any sense, but then found out that the company is planning on rolling out a new benefit package for employees children about healthcare.

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2 kids

the reason the company asked about how many children is because they believe in taking care of their employees and pay those with more children more monies and are also more understanding when those employees have to take off early from work to take kids to school and things like that Moins


Many questions were asked about my leadership style

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Servant leader, lead by example, demonstrate empathy, but hold people accountable Moins

Working shoulder to shoulder I provide coaching and feedback for development and success. Moins


What would I do if I did not have to work.

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Lay on the beach all day long

I wouldn't lay on the beach - because I really like the job that I had

IMAT Solutions

Tell me who you know.....tell me their titles, tell me what there phone numbers are

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I told them to hire me first!

Joke of an individual, as soon as you speak to him you will understand.....

Juniper Networks

How would you reorganize and restructure an organization that the company wanted to take in a completely new direction?

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Basically stated I would need a complete review of the organization structure, P&L, financials, the board's goals and timeline, interviews with key players and key customers. Would take the first 90 days for discovery and implementation planning, goal setting, hiring lieutenants, and would then take the next 6 months in implementation, with bi-monthly updates for the CEO and Board, as necessary. Moins

I would gain a clear understanding of the corporate goals. Understand the team members and each of their strengths. Create an initial 90 day retention plan and determine if any of the exiting team have a place within that plan based on their skills - not their current role. Be honest, direct and specific in delivering all messaging to the team and to the board. Set clear expectations for each team member and each superior as to expectations and deliverables. Ensure a proper timeline aligns with the goals. EXECUTE! Moins

R.J. O'Brien

Was I willing to travel

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Yes, I was willing to.

So you have worked there for two years and interviewed with Matt Reese? You are an idiot like the rest of the RJO idiots since his last name is Rees. Tell Corky to take a drug test Moins


have you done sales before

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yes i have

Fisher Investments

What keeps you up at night?

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My children, their hopes, their dreams, and getting this position and working hard and being compensated for that hard work. Moins

Was this for a specific territory or an office job?

iCare Financial

They will ask you to do their sales presentation.

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Read the sales presentation back to them

Cloud Sherpas

Which football team do you support!

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