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On a demandé à un Video Director...16 mars 2018

Why Splunk?

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I have 3 colleagues who have started there, and who feel the energy and passion are second to none. I want to be a part of that. I also came to appreciate the people I have encountered along the way. They have been very impressive, indeed. Moins

FA Client Machine

Complete a task: copy-edit 10 scripts for a client following a set of detailed instructions.

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I spent an hour on this test and completed half of the scripts. When I indicated that I would be happy to spend more of my time on the tasks if I were compensated for doing so (given that I am applying for many positions and want my time and professional skills to be respected), I was told that the purpose of the task was to gauge a person's ability to complete tasks even if they were long and tedious, and that my application would not be continued. Moins


Can we have your ideas for free?

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I'd rather not do spec work for your brand for free.


How would you handle an intense volume of work from competing requestors?

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I would first ask what my resources are. How much staff and how many external vendors to offset anything that can't be done in house within the time requested. I would then ask what Splunk leadership has determined are the priority communication channels (if any). If there are none currently, we'd need to start collecting data on which LOBs are driving sales and get those channels priority, as they are more closely tied to profitability. I would also ask requestors to look through a list of existing content. I've noticed that in large organizations such a Splunk, it's often the case that folks don't now that work has already been completed within the scope of their request. Perhaps a rework of an existing project to bring it into perfect alignment, if the project still needs a tweak or two. I'd further look into the effectiveness of all content, to ensure our efforts are managed well both from a time and cost perspective. It's a shame to spend a lot of time and money on a project that never really gains any traction. I'd lobby to avoid projects which have a history of poor performance. Moins

Website Learners

which skills match with the role of video director in website learners ?

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expertise in video production,direction and script writing skills.

Horizon Media

about my background and experience

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provided in depth review of my background along with a one-sheet detailing my experience, skills, etc. Moins


All they wanted were my ideas.

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They never asked me anything about myself - background, experience, salary, etc.


What would I do differently than what is already being done.

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I would create content that is more personal and tells stories that revolve around relatable characters. Moins


What was challenging product you worked on Why amazon video Why PM

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