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On a demandé à un Video Editor...8 juillet 2014

Are you comfortable editing Porn

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I am interested to edit porn videos

I am interested to edit porn videos

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They pretty much went over my resume. I know I was asked what I preferred more, editing or on-site production.

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(Not an answer...) But other than that, the only other question I remember specifically would be, "what's your favorite project you've worked on and why?" Moins

What was the editing task/test that they gave you?

It’s more like what did you edit or write about.

Hill Holliday

You're resume seems over qualified for this position, why are you interviewing for such an entry level (woman yawned) position?

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Well, the woman yawner can't spell (you're resume? How about your resume?). And it's not the resume applying for the job, it's an applicant. I am really getting sick of our increasingly illiterate society and all the typos I witness on a day-by-day basis. Sheesh! Moins

I like to help people write right. So many people these days are well versed in STEM academics and have no understanding of our national language. Fortunately, there are people like me who know the concepts of spelling, grammar, punctuation and, generally, how to write. It's becoming a lost art. Moins

Well, I have always wanted to combine what I thought of as a fun hobby into something that generates income. It would be quite a combination for me. Moins

CR Consultancy Services

Company asked... we inspired students, we modified our product, we grateful to our colleagues. what we can get from you?

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Do things that make your company high.!!

you just give a job to student it will be a chance to motivate many other students. Because, many of the peoples committed to suicide due to getting not a job, so people can easly understand there are many of job in the society and they had a good mind to do any type of the job that is the most important and beautiful content in the living world, so i can do many of things,i will try to improve the company as more as i can. Thankyou Moins

iPhone Photography School

What are your Salary Expectations?

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$55,000 a year, was told this was the upper limit of their budget.

Same happened to me. Terrible way to treat people.

Dhar Mann Studios

expertise on Premiere Pro time

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5 years editing in Premiere Pro

I have 10 years of experience in video editing adobe premiere pro @ FCP


They asked me really bizarre personal questions, absolutely nothing to do with the job. They also seemed very rushed and wanted me out of there asap.

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Me too! Just hopeless!

Same here! Shady people! Always watermark your submissions, even raw edits! They could be easily rebranded! Play safe! Moins


Did you like BYU film school?

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I liked my education, but didn't like the production track politics.

What's the deal with the BYU preference to candidates? Seems like it's not an Equal Opportunity Employer. Moins


Uma pessoa foi para uma festa e lá tinha 28 casais e todos teriam que cumprimenta-lo quantas mãos ele apertou fora o parceiro dele = 55.

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A resposta correta é = 378 - 1 => 377 apertos.

55 mãos ele apertou


If I were given a chance to produce a tv show what would it be? How have I dealt with conflict with coworkers? Tell me about yourself. What are your strengths and weaknesses? Why do you want to work here?

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First of all I will listen to the ideas of co workers later on I will try to analyse it with my ideas after we will the best my strength my work in editing and my weakness is my family Moins

Because I want do my job in a company which boost me up when I feel bad about my failure Moins

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