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On a demandé à un Video Producer...1 novembre 2012

Same one - where do you see yourself in 10 years.

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I never know how to answer that.

Running and creating online media content that maintains their current and has tapped into the free-market demographics by providing incentives for the end-user, a more efficient system of delivery. Moins

Darby Smart

Before scheduling a screening call would you be able to create a video following our guide lines listed below?

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No, for me too. Wouldn’t even look at my resume or portfolio. Very unprofessional to ask for free work upfront when creators have examples. Passed on them immediately. Moins

Why would you want to work with Eurosport, a sport oriented website if you don't like sports?

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I think my skills would be really helpful to the video team whether I was into sports or not, my opinion on sports specifically wouldn't make a difference. Moins

How would you help us develop our writing process?

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I would gather subjects and topics from the past so that we could move from the past to the relevant present topic instead of connecting it backwards. Moins

Western States Fire Protection

Tell us what skills you have that would make you a good candidate for this role.

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I referred to my video skill set. What sort of equipment I had available to use and what video production experiences I have. Moins

Mass Appeal (NY)

They asked me about previous projects

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I gave them my portfolio and they reviewed it for the first time during the interview and asked questions, but not what you’d expect from a interview for producing. Moins


Tell us how you would market our walk-in feature via video without having someone actually walk into the store.

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This question stumped me because I couldn't come up with an answer on the spot and I felt they wanted someone who is able to be creative right then and there without much thought. Unfortunately, I'm not built like that. I believe this is one of the reasons why I wasn't offered the position. Moins


a. What the hardest challenge you've overcome? b. Do you know what KPI/CTR means? c. What's your experience with video and how did you get into it? d. What editing software do you use mainly? Do you use premiere? e. I believe they asked me how I take criticism and how I responded to an instance of failure.

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a. (very personal response) b."I'm not sure about KPI, but I studied the terminology and retained that CTR means click-through-rate." c. (Gave a backstory beginning from when I was a child and my dad would always get the newest video camera, etc) d. "Ohohoho yes, I use premiere, and after effects." e. I said that I take criticism into account and don't take it personally. My desire is to deliver a working video for the client that will drive business. I mentioned a project in which the client wrote a scathing review that went on for paragraphs, telling me the footage was useless. I let them (the interviewer) know I went in with the wrong equipment because I needed to create a portfolio and knew I could portray a certain story in that event and was ready for criticism. I read the entire scathing review, thanked him for his input, and then edited a video he really liked. He responded with "I have no idea how you extracted so much gold out of that footage." Moins


- Not too many, mostly just were concerned with growth of your current channel

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- Showed them my stats

National Society of Leadership and Success

What is your biggest weakness?

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I always struggle with this question, so I admitted some technical deficiency I had. I'm concerned this may have cost me from moving on to the next round. Moins

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