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On a demandé à un Video Production Manager...1 juillet 2015

What projects would you like to work with to improve our product offering?

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I provided examples of new technology which would help expand the utility of their current product. Moins

Colorado State University

No formal interview for the promotion took place. The most difficult part about that was you just had to constantly prove your worth when aiming for a full time job.

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Work...a lot.

University of North Texas

Tell us about your previous jobs and how that experience is relevant.

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Standard types of questions


Tell us about a time when you had to make someone do something they did not want to do.

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I haven't been in a situation i can think of where I have had to make someone do something they didn't want to do. Generally I can find a way to make people do things they may at first balk at. And if there was someone who really really really didn't want to do something, I wouldn't force them into it as the results would not be satisfactory for anyone. Moins


What are you looking for?

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Told them I was looking for a dynamic and bold company.

Produce a presentation of a webcast to help the production level of the company's product.

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Went above and beyond what they asked and presented a well produced product and never got a reply from the president of the company who asked me for the work. (Tom Lydon) Moins

Sommet Education

I was asked about my experience.

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I gave a rundown on what I had done up until that point in my career.

Hearth & Home Technologies

"In terms of dollars, what is it that you need to make the role work for you?"

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"I did look at the State data . . ." etc. (State Salary Survey)


What am I missing here?

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This was asked multiple times as I was deliberating whether to move on or stay. After every text and email message. To the point of annoyance. I understand being persistent, but let a person have some space to make a life-changing decision. Moins


Do you have experience with direct results marketing?

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Told them yes but want to dive in more.

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