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On a demandé à un Video Production Manager...1 juillet 2015

What projects would you like to work with to improve our product offering?

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I provided examples of new technology which would help expand the utility of their current product. Moins


What is your greatest achievement in previous work?

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Developing a friendly, proactive attitude


Do you have experience with editing, production, or cameras?

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Highlighted my use of Adobe premiere, and Canon C100, elaborated on how many projects I used with these tools. Moins

eFemme Inc.

What flavor ice cream would you be?

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Uhhh. Caramel?

University of Strathclyde

the University didn't invite me to a second stage. I only showed my showreel and discussed my skills and projects.

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the University didn't invite me to a second stage. I only showed my showreel and discussed my skills and projects. Moins

Colorado State University

No formal interview for the promotion took place. The most difficult part about that was you just had to constantly prove your worth when aiming for a full time job.

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Work...a lot.

University of North Texas

Tell us about your previous jobs and how that experience is relevant.

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Standard types of questions


Why Splunk?

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Splunk looks like very solid and user friendly technology that I could get behind. The company also seems to have a liveliness to it, which I get the sense comes from owning their direction and I respect that. I've also come across good reviews online and from personal contacts. The philanthropical divisions like Splunk4Good are also a big plus. As for the role, I love that it involves a diverse array of tasks and skills, which I prefer to being pigeonholed to one. As for the industry, I'm no textbook scholar but am fascinated by the nature of business and economics, and have had my head in related books and documentaries for the last 10 years or so (Warren Buffett, Enron, etc.). Moins


It looks like you have mostly been doing freelance work why are you interested in this particular role?

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I've been floating between freelance and full time work my whole career for years at a time, and feel it's time to go back to full time. From working in various fields like animation, video, design and illustration, I've found that I mostly prefer to focus on video/narrative work from here. Moins

Scribe Media

What makes your heart sing?

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As a first question, it set the stage for what was to come. They want to get to know the person, not just the skillset you're bringing to the table. Moins

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