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On a demandé à un Wealth Management Planner...22 avril 2020

About myself - they already had my resume

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I told them about my life


Tell me about a difficult situation you had with a client and how you resolved it.

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Use the STAR format. You can actually just make something up, if necessary.

Banque Nationale du Canada/National Bank of Canada

all were typical interview questions

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reasonable answers worked

AIA Group

Final Stage: Self-intro. Short-term, long-term goals. "How many" relatives do you have (in HK), "how many" friends do you have. Please give exact numbers.


describe a time when you respond to changed circumstance

Mehta Fincon

About the PMS. Market trend Your past experience. Customer service experience

Mehta Fincon

Q-1) Tell me something about yourself ? Q-2) One Major problem till now you faced in your life ? Q- 3) Why you want to join our company ? Q-4) Product knowledge.. e.x : PMS , Mutual Fund

Mehta Fincon

what i liked about mehta fincon

AIA Group

Stage 1: Why AiA? Why did you choose this role? How can you compare AIA with the HK market? What is the potential/future of this industry?

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