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BeachCherry Software
On a demandé à un Director of Web Projects...1 septembre 2014

How creative can you be? What makes you shine than the rest of the others sitting out there? and how determined are you to deliver your best even if it means taking your work home.

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Later, I was informed that these questions were more to test my facial expressions and how confident do I end up answering them. Moins

Aeria Games

Pick any landing page on the Aeria Games site and tell me how you would redesign it.

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This is primarily testing web design acumen, as well as an understanding of web funnels Moins

IMPACT Branding & Design

Is there anything you would change about your interview?

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This question caught me a little off guard because I had never been asked this at the end of an interview before. Initially, I replied that I wouldn't change anything because I felt I had answered everything honestly and accurately to the best of my ability. However, after given another moment to reflect, I realized that there was a question I had misinterpreted and I was able to add some clarity to my answer, as well as other things I could have worded better. Moins

Rescue | The Behavior Change Agency

How long have you been involved with the industry?

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15 years.


Hypothetical situations that gave them a gauge on how you would adapt to Dutch Culture.

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I disagreed with how the question was framed. Ironically my directness was an affront to his approach. Moins



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Give your background.

Insight Global

Do you have any questions for me? I always find this question difficult.

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I asked about the history of each person I interviewed with.

Vaillant Group

They asked me if the company wasn't too far from my home.

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I said that it was fine for me, i already done it with some past experiences.

BETC Paris

-Que connaissez vous de l'entreprise BETC -Quels sont nos derniers projets

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Le site de l'agence à l'époque étant assez confus, je n'avais eu que peu d'information et de visibilité sur leur projets . Moins

Aeria Games

How much do you think it would cost to place an ad on the site?

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This is looking for an analysis of revenue/user growth, ROI -- typical business case study. No right answer rather than the thought process itself, laid out in a framework and validated with some assumptions and analysis. Moins

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