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On a demandé à un Manager of Web Engineering...28 juin 2010

How do would you handle a totally demoralized team and bring them back?

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It all depends on the individuals and why they are demoralized.

Give them team tasks that are acheivable and review the performance.

Meet with them as a group, and work towards a "reset"; a break from tomorrow being exactly the same as yesterday. Schedule meetings with each team member individually. Ask their concerns. Learn, individually, why they're demoralized. Give them a path forward that avoids or mitigates some of the negatives. Be absolutely realistic; don't stretch the truth or lie, but give them an honest path to where they'd rather be. In parallel, likely ramp up hiring, as you're not often getting through that with the entire team intact. Moins

East Central University

The marketing director asked me how I would advertise the website.

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I told her the best way was through search engine optimization and social media.

Why do you want to stop freelancing?

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I am looking for more stability in a corporate environment.

TechLink Systems

No questions just a screen

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What makes you want to work for Nutiva?

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People and culture. I want to work for a place that cares and places high values in relation to their employees, customers and the environment. Moins

Torero Corporation

Tell me about your projects

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Why you want to join our company

Aeria Games

Pick any landing page on the Aeria Games site and tell me how you would redesign it.

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This is primarily testing web design acumen, as well as an understanding of web funnels Moins

Vaillant Group

They asked me if the company wasn't too far from my home.

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I said that it was fine for me, i already done it with some past experiences.

Loblaw Digital

How well do you know Adobe Analytics?

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I'm an advanced user, however I have never with with Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager


Are you familiar with the LAMP stack?

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