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On a demandé à un Senior Web Content Manager...27 septembre 2022

What are your thoughts on an agile approach?


There were no major questions.


What you know about Accenture

ZS Associates

Based on graphs and charts


THey asked a company is losing its revenue what could e probable reasons?


Guesstimate: How many pizzas are sold in your city each day? Case study: you need to open your own cab company. How are you going to go about this in today’s time?

Philip Morris International

I passed through all interview levels.

i22 Digitalagentur

Es wurden typische Fragen gestellt, wie was man sich bezüglich der Ausprägung der Stelle vorstellt, was für ein Typ Mensch man ist und was einen motiviert und antreibt, sowie wo man sich in den nächsten Jahren sieht.

Baker McKenzie

How comfortable are you working overtime without pay?

Miele X

- Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years? - What are you waiting from your colleague? - which product would you buy? - do you want to work from the office or home?

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