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On a demandé à un Web Producer...11 septembre 2012

What if I don't like the job one month down the line?

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Then i'll figure new ways to make it interesting.

Universal Studios

They didn't really ask me anything just rambled on about themselves and the importance of knowing WordPress. They even went so far as to insinuate that I didn't know it.

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So given this I just started talking about my background, I felt like I was somehow interrupting. Moins

What is your familiarity with HTML & CSS?

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I use it often and learned a great deal about it in school.


Right off the bat I was forced into revealing salary. It seemed like there was no option to decline it as it was a written question.

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I found the whole process extremely rude, impersonal and unprofessional.

Insight Global

Do you have any questions for me? I always find this question difficult.

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I asked about the history of each person I interviewed with.


Tell me something about yourself. Beware of this question. They will ask you question what u will say to them.

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Explain your roles and responsibilities. Do not bluff, because u can't explain bluff so much. Try to be straight forward in answers. Large explanation is not required. Moins

Sig Sauer

How do you deal with pressure and tight deadlines.?

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Be calm on the surface, even if underneath it's panic.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Describe your day to day at your current role

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I explained the project management, content scheduling, pub scheduling for site refreshes and how I managed to complete all my work and make it error free. Moins


Would you be willing to work non-standard hours?

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My answer is yes.


Code a simple website layout.

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Explained use of DIVs and CSS properties in HTML code.

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