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Trutech Wildlife Service
On a demandé à un Wildlife Biologist...30 juillet 2015

Where do you see yourself in five years?

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Truthfully. Explain to the interviewer what is important to you.

Loomacres Wildlife Management

Am I a hunting or trapper?

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yes I've been introduced to hunting all my life, trapping I don't have a lot of experience Moins

Georgia Department of Natural Resources

They asked me about how hunting is important to the funding for the DNR.

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Pittman-Robertson Act

US Forest Service

Give an example of you you successfully resolved a conflict, and what methods did you use to acheive this resolution?

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Open communication

Turnstone Environmental Consultants

Do you feel comfortable hiking in the woods alone at night and in the dark through forested areas?

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Yes I have gone on many night hikes in my career thus far as a wildlife biologist. Moins

Trutech Wildlife Service

What are your career goals

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Long term stability where i can earn enough to provide for my family.

Loomacres Wildlife Management

How many species of birds can you positively ID by sight and/or sound?

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I answered that I have been working around birds my entire wildlife career, and that I could ID, or at least have enough observational data to ID almost 500 species from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast (or at least can tell the family and look up the species via a guide after the fact) Moins

US Fish and Wildlife Service

Explain the ESA, CWA ETC

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I explained each law/act.

Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources

They asked questions about specific wildlife situations and how I'd handle them

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What skills other than wildlife can I bring to the team.

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Loyalty, dependability, high quality performance, effective communication, positive attitude. Moins

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