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On a demandé à un Windows Administrator...3 septembre 2015

The interviewer asked me about my faith and religion. Upon telling him I did not want to discuss it the person quickly dismissed me in the conversation. It is obvious he is choosing just certain religions.

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Wow, that is so unprofessional and despicable. I used to know the person you referenced and would be very disappoint if what you said is true. You should have contacted HR. Moins

thats a government violation

You dodged a bullet there. They say they care about their employees but you are just warm bodies to them Moins

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Rackspace Technology

A customer calls in saying that they're having problems sending email. They're using IIS SMTP and a web-based application to send the messages. What are 3 things which you would look for first, in the order you find most probable, in troubleshooting this issue?

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1) SMTP Virtual Server configuration 2) DNS configuration 3) RBL/IP Blacklisting Moins

PDC Emulator Allows Windows Server 2003 to act as the primary domain controller. Provides replication support for the backup domain controller. Assists with time and group policy synchronization. Infrastructure Master - (One per domain) Responsible for updating the group to user references whenever there are changes. Also receives new names. Relative ID Master - RID - (One per domain) Ensures that every object created has a unique ID number. Schema Master - (One per forest) Responsible for maintaining and modifying the AD schema. Domain Naming Master - (One per forest) Responsible for adding and deleting domains in a forest. Moins

Cognizant Technology Solutions

What is NAT

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What are the Different Windows File systems

Network area transmission

Network address translation in a private network it's NAT server's responsibility to translate all private ip out going packets in a single public IP address and translate all public incoming packets which comes in a single public IP to particular destination private ip address. Moins


What are the Active Directory functions?

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Did not answered, vague question format.

it's manage user and computers

Future Focus Infotech

Will you be able to join in 15 days.

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They want people to just run on the call as if we are 12th man and available for them Moins


Jane Street

Explain, as in depth as possible what happens when you type into a browser in a domain environment.

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If the website( is typed into a browser in a domain environment recursive DNS query is made towards the domain DNS server to identify the IP address of the authoritative Google DNS server. If there's a record of the Google server in the host cache, the query won't be made to the domain DNS server but the host resolver answers such query. However, if there's no record of the Google DNS server on the host cache, the query is made to the domain DNS server; the domain server answers the query if it's in its host A record. If not, the domain DNS server performs an iterative query towards the closest root (one of the top level/ NIS servers) server which then performs query to other lower level DNS server till it get to the right google authoritative DNS server where the IP address of the server is returned to the host. Other notable technologiy between the client browser and the server is Google content delivery network which delivers static content to reduce RTT time and improves performance. Mentioning of TCP ports 53 and port 80 is also recommended. Moins

Assume cache is empty, trace the request out into the Internet, etc..


ITIL process

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I described as per my experience , Windows exachange troubleshooting questions

What did you do after your offer was rejected? Did they again call you back? I have also got an offer letter and after that they are conducting client interviews. The interviews are going on well but then I get to know I have not passed through the client interview rounds.. What will happen in this case? I am supposed to join in a week. Moins


What is Raid and descrive at least one of the different types of RAID.

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Answer: RAID Levels 0 thru RAID Level 5.

Redundant array of independent disks 1) RAID-0 striping its give a Best performance, but no redundancy of data. Moins

NTT Corporation

Explain the FSMO roles in Active Directory.

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Name the common ones like PDC and what their function is.

Not honest in hiring practices.


How many network servers did you handle in your current position?

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I said one or two of them. The HR person said that they looking for a person to handle at least 100-200 servers. Moins

Catchpoint isn't a HUGE .com company, so I highly doubt they have 100-200 servers. Perhaps the HR person was confused and actually meant users. At my job we have 550 users and about 10 servers! I was thinking of applying for this position but decided against it because this company seems very sketchy. Moins

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