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​ Bellum Entertainment
On a demandé à un Head Writer/Producer...20 octobre 2017

How long have you been doing comedy?

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Six years.

Background in writing, editing, promotions for reality development department.

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Based on reviewing my prior experience indicated on my resume.

Girls Write Now

what were 3 of my good qualities

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I am inteigent, I had to be made make but mentally and inductively made a woman, who can now stop the payment to the psychologist. I don't give up where it matters. and I really can look at a woman who is attractive but look at her for who she is as person and give them the time of day to vent a little and genuinely give them a hug like they were my sister. just thankful Moins


How do you deal with conflict?

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Solve it at the lowest level.


Are you persistent?

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Yes, shared an example.

What's the difference between red wine and coffee?

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The same difference between PM and AM.

How many years have you worked in this industry and what experience do you have to fill position?

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Yes, I answered questions. My overall experience was encouraging, not only because I was qualified, but uplifting that people in the video production business were willing to invest money into my position so that I would succeed. Moins


why do you want to work in news?

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i love news and i am passionate about news

Discovery, Inc.

I was asked who, if anyone, I knew that was talent on their smaller, less-known networks at the time. I was literally placed in front of a wall with pictures on them as was asked to name whoever I could. If I didn't know the answer, the hiring manager reacted in a very disappointed manner and then said nothing.

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I followed- up the interview with a note naming every person on that wall that I missed (about 3 of them) which was my way of redeeming myself. I also agreed to do a writing/proposal test on my own as a way to demonstrate I could do the job. It was a lot of work and she didn't really appreciate it, but I got the job. Some of the more insecure hiring managers have these games they like to put interviewees through. I think they do it to see which candidates can handle it, but its very unwelcoming and rude, from an outsider's perspective. Moins


Do you know how to produce promos using a video editor?

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Yes, I've been a Producer for many years and have lots of experience with you know because we worked together at the same network for several years. (Lol) Moins

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