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    « The Horribly Slow Murderers with the Extremely Inefficient Weapons »

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    Ancien employé - Engineer - Taichung (Taiwan)
    Ancien employé - Engineer - Taichung (Taiwan)
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    - technology
    - nice niche products
    - technical employees
    - in many departments employees are barely controlled ( you want to be your own boss join falconstor)


    - no clear path. ( 2011 Bluestone; 2012 Bluestone; 2013/2014 CDP/NSS; 2015/2016/1stHalf2017 Freestor; soon?: Cloud mobility and VTL?
    - Forced startup spirit
    - Continued headcount reduction
    - No communication from the Visionaries ( upper management )

    Conseils à la direction

    strategic planning process:
    Identify the target market
    Identify Competition
    Analyze Falconstors products and services
    Compare with competition
    Identify unique selling points
    Target customers with unique selling point

    change management:
    Motivation is so low i could not find a metric to measure it anymore
    speak with leaving Employees find out whats wrong

    Start getting the message to everyone!
    - Memos
    - Team meetings
    - One-One talks
    - Better Information flow on decisions share critical data make sure employees at all levels understand how their actions impact the company.
    - Help employees establish the connection between what they do and how it affects revenue. Define clear cause-effect relationships so that it’s easy for them to see how their efforts impact the company’s financial results.

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Photos chez FalconStor à Taichung (Taiwan)

FalconStor photo de : Todd Brooks, CEO, presenting to employees in APAC Operations Center
FalconStor photo de : Reta Pan Received Her Masters!

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Salaires en NT$ (TWD)
1 salaire d'employé ou estimation
Environ 751k NT$ - 857k NT$
751k NT$
857k NT$
Environ 751k NT$ - 857k NT$
751k NT$
857k NT$
1 salaire d'employé ou estimation
Environ 738k NT$ - 865k NT$
738k NT$
865k NT$
Environ 738k NT$ - 865k NT$
738k NT$
865k NT$

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