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    Ancien employé - Senior Recruitment Consultant - Dallas, TX (États-Unis)
    Ancien employé - Senior Recruitment Consultant - Dallas, TX (États-Unis)
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    The pros of working here is that they keep alcohol on their desks and they have drinking parties, similar to beer pong and other college drinking games, at least once a month.


    Coming from a seasoned recruiter and business developer that has been in the industry for approximately 10 years, this place is a call center and a turn-and-burn agency.

    The company uses HG Insight to import prospect information into Salesforce and the recruiters are required to make 80+ phone calls per day and send 300 emails per day in their designated territory. Next, you'll track those calls and emails to see who has opened those emails and then call them; you can easily make 400 calls per day. After you've completely irritated all the clients in the area, your job is to find some way to close a staffing deal over the phone; never having met the client face-to-face and never determining the needs of the client.

    You'll post 5 job ads per day and import those candidates into Salesforce. Many of the requisitions listed on job boards and on the FRG website are dead requisitions, meaning that those jobs really isn't available. A candidate applies and now you have their contact information to hammer those people as candidates and as prospective clients. You're required to upload all your contacts into Salesforce as part of your daily KPI metrics.

    Because they're a British-owned company, you'll never be given the opportunity to work from home, thanks to GDPR privacy laws. BUT...if you're in the boy's club, you can work from anywhere. Also, you can't access your email outside the office, which requires you to be in the office to respond to those 300+ emails you sent that morning.

    You will be doing the recruiting and the business development, but you don't make the hiring decision. Recruiters, if they legitimately own the account, makes the hiring decision. You don't at FRG. Why would anyone run a full desk to cut their commission to this company? If you're developing the business and you're recruiting on your own accounts, you might as well take out a line of credit or payroll funding to fund your own payroll, unless you're doing direct hires only.

    Speaking of being in the office, this company requires you to work excruciatingly extended hours, under the guise of being able to keep you there because you're a salaried employee. Eventually, someone will sue them and have all 2000+ employees reclassified as hourly workers. Salary means that some weeks you work 35 hours and other weeks you might work 50 hours, but it balances out. You will ALWAYS work more than 40 hours at FRG.

    Absolute Garbage. You will be living paycheck-to-paycheck while you hire tech talent making $135,000 - $300,000 per year. Good luck countering FRG's offer.

    Garbage. Morning meetings, afternoon meetings, nightly meetings; meeting to go over call logs, meeting to go over KPIs, meeting to discuss the next meeting, meeting to see how many accounts you're going to sell that week, meeting, meeting, meeting. Oh, did you make 100 calls today between all these meetings and did you screen 10 candidates today? One candidate screening takes a minimum of 20 minutes. Well, time for the next meeting. Did I get those dead requisitions posted? I guess I'll do that after this meeting.

    Garbage. You learn how to spam candidates and clients. You basically bombard them with emails and calls until they tell you to stop calling them, at which time you still call them because they didn't go through the proper GDPR protocols to have their information removed from Salesforce.

    Not good. I don't think Frank Recruitment Group knows the reputation they have. After leaving the company and disseminating my resume to prospective employers, they laughed at FRG and wanted to know why I made the mistake of working there. I was very embarrassed, but I understood what they meant. Many of the recruiters that work for FRG have never worked for other recruitment agencies, so they don't know anything else besides the FRG way of spamming the market.

    FRG has over 2000 recruiters worldwide under different "brands". Your biggest competition will be those 2000 recruiters that are selling different technologies in your market. Under the umbrella of Frank Recruitment Group, there's Anderson Frank, Mason Frank, Nigel Frank, Washington Frank, FRG Technology, Nelson Frank, and Jefferson Frank. Each "brand" sells a different Technology. Nigel Frank sells Microsoft Azure talent, Jefferson Frank sells AWS talent, etc. They assign you a brand in an attempt to prevent you from cross-selling other technologies and receiving commission on those sales.

    Here's the kicker. You never really own an account at Frank Recruitment Group and you'll never be given accounts to manage. Remember, HG Insights imports client data into Salesforce. Your job is to build on what HG Insights deposited into Salesforce. You're required to upload 5 brand new contacts into Salesforce per day, despite what HG Insights has already uploaded; you're building an organization chart.

    FRG owns the account. Keep in mind there are other "brands" under the umbrella of FRG that can also sell their technologies to the account that you closed. So, after you've built a relationship with the client and they're ready to buy, here comes a recruiter in England or Germany or New York or Tampa, hammering your client for their business also. Like I said, your biggest competition will be other recruiters in the company.

    A non-compete clause must have a time limit and a territory, generally up to 2 years and 100 miles of your designated sales territory. A word to the wise, FRG's non-compete has none of those stipulations. Their non-compete attempts to eradicate you from the staffing industry altogether. No judge will uphold their non-compete.

    Frank Recruitment Group was in so much debt that TPG Capital came in the purchase the debts of the company. If TPG Capital divests itself of this company, they would be much better off.

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    Keep doing what you're doing so FRG dissolves out of business to open up the market to legitimate companies that actually work with the clients instead of just taking their money and throwing in a good resume.

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    J'ai postulé via un recruteur. Le processus a pris une semaine. J'ai passé un entretien à Frank Recruitment Group (Dallas, TX (États-Unis)).


    The process was a bit strange. The initial phone call was pleasant and promising. They built me up and got excited. Good energy. The face to face interview was opposite. A bit aggressive and suddenly I'm overqualified for the role. So we went from a healthy conversation of expectations over the phone to a "You mostly manage, so I'm not sure if facilitating is for you." Keep in mind being a great trainer and facilitator is what got me to a managerial position. Their concerns didn't make much sense.

    The worst part, they ghosted me. Said they'd call back two days later and never reached back out. I encourage your Dallas office to tread a little more carefully with candidates and follow through with that you say you're going to do. I hope the folks you speak with in the future receive a more pleasant experience than I did.

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