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    « This review is 100% honest unlike Nigel Franks really vague job description »

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    Ancien employé - Senior Internal Recruiter - North Shields, Angleterre (Royaume-Uni)
    Ancien employé - Senior Internal Recruiter - North Shields, Angleterre (Royaume-Uni)
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    The only positive about working at nigel frank is this incentives BUT one incentive that wasn’t fair was the charity football match incentive where girls weren’t allowed to take part in! I love football and this was something I was keen to take part in so I was understandably annoyed. I soon found out that the reason girls weren’t allowed to play was because the director had a bet on that the Newcastle team would beat London and didn’t want girls involved ruining his chances.


    Working at the frank group is the most valuable work experience you will ever have in recruitment.....If you don’t want to succeed and become a great recruiter work here.

    The frank group has the WORST name in recruitment which is probably why they have the many brands to hide the fact they are all part of the frank group, such as mason, Pearson, Jefferson, Washington, Nigel, Churchill and FRG. You can put a flower on a poo but it will still be a .... yup.

    The hours of work are longer than what is in your contract, no matter what anyone tells you, you WILL be expected to come in or stay later than your contracted hours. No one minds staying back 5/10 mins longer to finish something off but that’s no the case at Nigel frank

    “Power hours” they try to turn this into something “fun” but there’s nothing fun about being made to stand at your desk whilst working with your back bent whilst your trying to write an email and use your mouse. If you sit down your “manger” will condescendingly say to you “are you not taking part in power hour” whilst they are sat down comfortably at their desk.

    The culture, 90% of the people at this company have no personality anymore everyone is moody, tired, over worked and under pressure from their senior. There’s a strong presents of drugs and drink. Every 1st Thursday of the month there’s a company event where management talk about figures and those at the very top. The event is paid for with a free bar that is fully taken advantage off. Drinks and drugs flying everywhere along with the arrogance of management flashing their cash. After this event I would say only 30% make safe arrangements to get home the other 70% drive home and it has been known for 1 consultant to even be arrested at work the day after one of these events for drink driving and leaving the scene of a hit and run crime.

    Public embarrassment!! Nigel frank love this just to make people laugh they will do ANYTHING. A consultant one morning after 1st Thursday came into work in the same clothes as he hasn’t been home, instead of taking this person into a room and having a word. He was made to walk around the whole 4 quadrants of the office with 2 SENIOR consultants and some other sheep banging a gong shouting “SHAME” and making him tell everyone why he was doing this.

    The base salary!! In my eyes it’s shocking £17,500 is great if you have no mortgage, rent, bills, car etc. The only good thing about this salary is that you will have no time to spend the pounds you have left over because you WILL be spending all your evenings at work. No other recruitment company in Newcastle offers such a low base you can easily walk in to a recruitment job which will offer you 20K plus and the commission structure is just as good or better.

    If you finally get the confidence to leave Nigel frank they will do anything to try and stop you getting a job by having management spread rumours about you, send threatening letters hand delivered to your door, contacting your current company because your working within a 10 mile radius and your contract says you can’t work with another recruitment company within 10 miles so basically saying you’ll have to move to a different city. Luckily Nigel frank are known BULLIES and everyone in recruitment know this. They BULLY you whilst you work for them and BULLY you after you leave.

    Glassdoor is for honest reviews which this is, but it will swiftly be followed by an extremely dishonest positive review concocted by the management team to make sure that the first review on the site is a positive one.

    Conseils à la direction

    Stop being bullies!

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