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  • « Recruiting internship-more of a temp job. Be aware of what you are signing up for! »

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    Stagiaire ayant travaillé précédemment pour cette société - Recruiter - Eden Prairie, MN (États-Unis)
    Stagiaire ayant travaillé précédemment pour cette société - Recruiter - Eden Prairie, MN (États-Unis)
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    J'ai travaillé chez Lifetouch en tant que stagiaire (Moins d'un an)


    -Great visibility from senior leaders, open conversation encouraged with these leaders through group meetings and privately scheduled sessions
    -Mentorship opportunities provided regularly
    -Supportive team environment
    -2 days off during the summer
    -Great experience working with hiring managers all over the United States-most were extremely appreciative and willing to maintain open lines of communication during the hiring process.
    -Opportunity to spearhead a project at the end of summer and present in front of leaders.


    -This was a high-volume recruiting temp job, not necessarily an internship. Other interns in different departments (sales, marketing, learning and development etc.) had far less daily responsibility than we did, which was good experience for us, but left us feeling like we didn’t get the full intern experience. There were multiple days when we had to skip scheduled intern development sessions because of our workload and daily call quotas. We were required to complete the same capstone project as all other interns, but were unable to devote as much time to the research process as the others did.
    -We worked on a team of around 20 entry level recruiters (not all interns-many were hired as contract workers) with only one direct superior who was responsible for training us, evaluating our performance, and working with our demanding hiring managers. This led to frequent miscommunication and frustration throughout the team.
    -Tight seating arrangement-hard to make 50+ outbound calls a day and pick up candidate response calls with so many others doing the same thing only a few feet away.
    -Not for people who like independent, quiet work, dislike talking on the phone, or have a hard time under pressure. Very “sales-y” position where competition within the team is encouraged. You can’t just get up and take a break because you need to catch phone calls as they come in.

    Conseils à la direction

    -Remove this position from the internship program. Replace the intern positions with temporary contract workers who aren’t college students looking to see what the corporate world is like for the very first time.
    -Hire multiple supervisors/coordinators for this large of a team. The resource expenditure required to hire another team lead would be worth the stress reduction for both the coordinator and recruiters.

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Lifetouch photo de : Lifetouch Headquarters
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92 015 $ par an
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66 182 $ par an
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    Employé anonyme - Eden Prairie, MN (États-Unis)
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    J'ai postulé en ligne. Le processus a pris +2 semaines. J'ai passé un entretien à Lifetouch (Eden Prairie, MN (États-Unis)) en mars 2020.


    Very pleasant experience with my interview/hiring process. I found the position listing on LinkedIn and when I clicked "Apply" I was redirected to their site and applied online. I was contacted by their HR department for a screening phone call, then got the green light to meet with 2 people in 2 different interviews. I got an email that same day asking to come back for 2 more interviews the next day. Once the in-person interviews were over, I received an "assignment" to help them determine if my technical skills fit the requirements of the job. The next week, I received a phone call with the hiring manager and HR to discuss my start date and they extended an offer of employment which I accepted.

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    • 1. Describe a time that you struggled to meet a deadline at work and how you managed that situation.
      2. Could you tell me about an interpersonal conflict you've experienced and how that was resolved?
      3. Could you walk me through your process of how you troubleshoot technical issues?   1 réponse
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