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  • « Secure job but it gets boring »

    • Équilibre travail/vie privée
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    Employé actuel - Software Engineer - Camarillo, CA (États-Unis)
    Employé actuel - Software Engineer - Camarillo, CA (États-Unis)
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    Je travaille chez Northrop Grumman à plein temps (Plus d'un an)


    -job security
    -the people are chill


    -ancient tool/programming language
    -stuck in a classified lab so no remote work
    - overall boring

    Conseils à la direction

    Management is pretty cool. Keep being cool.

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    Entretien pour Senior Principal Software Engineer

    Candidat à l'entretien anonyme - Camarillo, CA (États-Unis)
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    J'ai postulé via un recruteur. Le processus a pris 6 semaines. J'ai passé un entretien chez Northrop Grumman (Camarillo, CA (États-Unis)) en janvier 2020.


    The initial interview was with a high-level recruiter. I was upfront about my requirements for salary and they said they could make it happen if the interview with the hiring manager went well. I made it very clear I had run the numbers for the cost of living for CA and this is what was needed. I was then passed onto a talent acquisition person. They agreed to fly me out to LA (Pt Mugu) including hotel which was nice as they didn't want to do the interview remotely. I was very serious about this role and took my wife with me to tour the area that same day. I did the interview and everything was perfect, they were excited to get me onboard and I exceeded their requirements with a unique skill set that is tough to find. I then waited for two weeks trying to understand what was going on. As a previous poster noted they talked about settling the structure. What I learned is that they tried to get the offer approved up the chain and it was too high or so they said. When I asked why the initial recruiter had said the number I had in mind was doable they did not give me a straight answer. They also said that the hiring manager didn't think the cost was justified for the area. I'm not sure they ever filled that role as I looked several months later and it was still open. This experience has kept me from interviewing with NGC going forward. Whether it be a process breakdown or bad culture it worked out in the end. If you are considering a trip for an interview make sure you get something in writing about a ballpark salary range first.

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