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    Employé actuel - Employé anonyme - Paris
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    The diversity of the team is the company's greatest strength. You learn something new every day and work with people from all over the world. The management is extremely respectful, accommodating and flexible. Unlike many other companies, Platform.sh empathizes a healthy work/life balance and cares for its employees' well-being. The work itself can be challenging sometimes, especially in a distributed team, but the company does a great job of hiring talented and motivated people with a hands-on mindset to overcome these challenges.


    As a distributed team, communication is not always easy. Delays can be expected due to multiple different time zones, but I think the team is handling it pretty well. Things can also get a bit chaotic and unstructured sometimes, as it's not always clear who the right contact person is for certain things and you get send from one person to another until you eventually reach the right person. However, the company is already working on structuring and documenting things clearer.

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    Keep up the great work!

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