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    Employé actuel - Recruitment Consultant - Chatswood (Australie)
    Employé actuel - Recruitment Consultant - Chatswood (Australie)
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    1) The office culture. I know every company says it, but Robert Walters has a lot of good people working for them which makes the bad days a lot less painful and at the end of the day drives me to keep coming back everyday.
    2) The training. It's pretty comprehensive but also really supportive and empowering. You go home brain numb from so many new techniques and phrases but after your first 4-5 months you start to see genuine benefits in all aspects of the job. Especially as a grad, the training taught me so much, obviously in regards to recruitment but also more generally it taught me how to operate in the corporate world.
    3) The bonus structure. I think it ties back into the office culture, but the team based bonus and collaborative approach to recruitment makes you feel apart of something bigger then yourself, which for me is definitely a positive.


    Low base salaries. It's no secret that Robert Walters tends to underpay slightly on base salary compared to some other companies, which does make it tough for the first year or two. They do look after you with salary increases at all stages of your career though, if you work hard and contribute.

    Conseils à la direction

    I think we need to look at increasing base salaries. We're losing a lot of good people to competitors based on money, especially in their first 1-2 years. I know the business perspective would be that people need to perform first in order to be rewarded which I agree with, but we probably need to meet in the middle somewhere. Otherwise, we are at risk of becoming a training ground for the rest of the industry and our competitors.

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