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    « Founded by failed Amazon devs with no morals or ethics »

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    Employé actuel - Senior Software Developer - Vancouver, BC (Canada)
    Employé actuel - Senior Software Developer - Vancouver, BC (Canada)
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    None - The company has no pros. Stuck around only due to the Coronavirus but even then I couldn't work for such a horrible company.


    Founders have no morals or ethics. They are more than happy to screw over all their customers and employees at anytime without hesitation. Every game they make is riddled with bugs and they have absolutely no intentions to build anything right. It's all cheap quick hacks to steal as much money from people. When they screw up and the players lose, they laugh. Literally, they laugh in meetings about idiots that spend money and than lose due to the game lagging significantly or just blatantly not working. They've said they are untouchable because they're an online business and no one governs them but sooner or later, the government will catch up to them and anyone working for them will be painted with the same evil brush.

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    Learn some basic morals and ethics. You don't need to screw people over to win. If you screw up, take ownership and correct your mistakes. I don't expect them to understand or adopt any of this. They are truly bad people in the same league as tobacco executives, wolf of wall street, and gfc bankers selling dodgy loans

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A Thinking Ape photo de : One of these guys is a talented model, the other is our Director of Engineering.
A Thinking Ape photo de : Our studio is full of flexible work spaces.
A Thinking Ape photo de : Our monthly Birthiversary (birthday plus anniversary) event celebrates personal and professional milestones.
A Thinking Ape photo de : Our largest boardroom, officially named Hot Tub Room. Actual hot tub not included.
A Thinking Ape photo de : What is a startup without a ping pong table?
A Thinking Ape photo de : We love our sweet treats.
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    Entretien de Junior Motion Graphics Designer

    Candidat à l'entretien anonyme - Vancouver, BC (Canada)
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    J'ai postulé via une autre source. Le processus a pris 4 semaines. J'ai passé un entretien à A Thinking Ape (Vancouver, BC (Canada)) en mai 2019.


    I got a response 3 days after applying, I had actually spoken to a few people at their booth at a job fair which was how I found out about the position. First I had a phone interview that went for around 30 minutes. We discussed the position and the company. Immediately after my interview I was sent an art test as discussed on the phone. I took a week to complete my test and got a response via email asking for a final interview at the studio. Everyone was very responsive and friendly which made the process enjoyable and less daunting. My final interview went for an hour and a half and was split into 2 interviews. The first part focused on the technical side of the position and the second part was more to see how I would fit within the company and how my core values aligns with ATA. Unfortunately, I didn't get the job but when I got the rejection email they gave me a bit of feedback about my interview.

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  • EY Entrepreneur of the Year, EY Entrepreneur of the Year®, 2012
  • Empact100, Empact100, 2012
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